Competency, multidisciplinarity, sustainability

Our History


The corporate vision of the PRO ITER GROUP starts from the recognition that modifying and shaping spaces and environment will affect the lives and habits of many people and those of the following generations.

From 1998

A totally private and independent engineering company, operating in the field of infrastructure engineering design since 1998.

Competency, multidisciplinarity, sustainability
An experience and expertise route

Since direct knowledge of and participation in the transport infrastructures development inevitably leads to a more correct the future layout interpretation of the territory, the Company begin diversifying into the field of new urban developments and transformation and reconversion areas.


After fruitful collaboration years, the company S.IN.C. S.r.l. (active since 1995) joins in PRO ITER Progetto Infrastrutture Territorio, bringing all its experience in geotechnics and underground engineering field.


The Group's Holding was set up to bring together the shares of its subsidiaries and affiliates and provide them with all the general services necessary for financial, administrative and logistical management.


Result of the experience gained in the hydraulic sector and the skills acquired with the merger, the Company starts a further diversification in the field of hydroelectric plants design.


Together with other players in the sector, he founded TANDEM S.r.l., a company dedicated to the execution of studies and surveys on urban, suburban and pedestrian mobility.


The company PRO ITER Ambiente is created to operate specifically in the environmental engineering field and in particular in contaminated sites remediation, EH&S, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.


Strongly believing that the design verification phase for the validation purpose can be a great added value for the Contracting Stations in the construction works process, PRO ITER Progetto Infrastrutture Territorio is accredited as Inspection Body type "C".


Further enrich the services range to be provided to its customers, PRO ITER Project And Construction Management was created, reorganizing in the new company skills already existing within the Group and enriching it with new skills in line with the innovations introduced by the New Code for RUP support services.


On the basis of its vision of constant direction towards the highest levels of quality, PRO ITER Progetto Infrastrutture Territorio, after a path started as early as 2015, adopts new processing procedures translating the entire design process into an integrated digital development environment obtaining the BIM Certification.