The Mission

The corporate vision of PRO ITER GROUP starts from the awareness that modifying and shaping spaces and the environment will affect the lives and habits of many people and those of future generations.



Placing sustainability at the center of the project is one of the ways in which the companies of the Group positively exert this influence. Our sustainability vision embraces the broadest dimension, starting from the environmental sphere, considering aspects as welfare, social development, widening participation and inclusion, economic growth, preservation of material goods and energy, resilience. The project, work result of our specialists, is built with the care and skill typical of the Italian craft tradition, inspired and articulated by the advanced methodologies and technologies use. We operate with the awareness that design processes must improve, without interruption, on the basis of a Research and Innovation systematic path .

Highly qualified professionals, motivated by a constant attention to professional updating, are permanently employed in the various specialist sectors that form the subsidiaries and affiliates Companies structure, working to strict ethical standards towards clients, colleagues and the profession.

The PRO ITER GROUP Companies plan and design their activities with a view to continuous improvement, ensuring a quality consultancy service that is flexible and efficient in terms of costs and timescales, as agreed with the client. Management is responsible for ensuring that this policy is a constant commitment for the Company and for each individual employee.

Quality Policy Statement
The Professional aspect

Professions involved are based on a specific code of ethics and on rules of professional conduct towards customers, colleagues and the profession itself;

The Company aspect

Projects dimension and multidisciplinary competences bring to a complex organization and to a firm definition of internal and external relations among different divisions (employees, partners, customers, suppliers, markets, etc.).

Strategic aims
Environmental Management Systems

International recognized Environmental Management Systems adoption, inspired by a steady improvement principle and by environmental standards definition to measure the Company environmental performance

Strategic aims
Energy resources and nonrenewable energy efficient use

Energy resources and nonrenewable energy efficient use.
Optimized management of waste and wastewater.
Employee training and awareness on environmental issues.
Sustainable environmental operations promotion to suppliers, contractors and customers.

Strategic aims
Environmental impacts prevention

Environmental impacts prevention and reduction endorsing, in the design and in the products & services realization, the adoption of the best available and affordable technologies and the promotion of the best procedures for the construction and operative stages.

Environmental policy statement

The PRO ITER GROUP Companies consider the environment, the fight against climate change and sustainable development to be strategic factors in the operation and development of their activities, and fundamental in directing market policies and strategies. All people working for the company are interested and involved in the continuous improvement of environmental performance.

Management is assiduously and continuously committed to disclosing and sharing with employees and collaborators an environmental protection culture, natural resources and pollution prevention, raising awareness of risks and encouraging responsible conduct of all employees, collaborators and suppliers.

The environmental policy of PRO ITER GROUP Companies, considering compliance with legal obligations and fulfilments as a prerequisite for all its activities, is based on foundamental principles and pursues strategic objectives.

Environmental Protection.

Environmental features of products & services improvement and promotion.

Value building for the Company.