Roads & Motorways

Bergamo Ring road

Paladina-Villa d'Almé section
Owner/client Province of Bergamo
Type of service Final Design, Safety Coordination during Design
Location Municipalities of Valbrembo, Paladina, Almè, Sorisole, Villa d’Almè
Period 2016 - in progress
Cost € 420.000.000 approx.

The municipalities affected by the work fall within the Bergamo metropolitan area, particularly in the Brembo river area.

PRO ITER is in charge of the Final Design and the Safety procedures of the whole project, including many complex works of art: embankments and trenches, tunnels, viaducts, environmental mitigation works.

The project, entirely realized at a digital level (starting from the three-dimensional geological and geotechnical model integrated in BIM design) takes into account the most advanced regulations and follows a typical path of debat public and acknowledges the environmental and social requests coming from the citizens, the different authorities involved and the different categories representatives (from industry to traders).

The route, about 6.40 km long, starts in a flat area and continues with 5 tunnels (3 artificial and 2 natural) up to a piedmont area. The balanced use of underground sections, also considering the necessary cost containment of the work, allows to limit the environmental impact and disturbance along several sensitive areas, both during the construction phase and during future operation. The natural tunnels design considers the necessary countermeasures related to the risks due to the karst cavities presence.

Multi-span viaducts

2 steel/cls multi-span viaducts ("Botta 1" and "Botta 2")


3 artificial and 2 natural ("Sombreno" and "Villa d'Almé")

Protective shells

Trench protection works (Sorisole junction area)