Roads & Motorways

Road network reorganisation in Rozzano

Link road to the new junction on the Western By-Pass Road
Owner/client Fiordaliso S.p.A.
Type of service Preliminary, Final and Detailed Design; Works Management; Safety Coordination Design and during Construction
Location Rozzano
Period 2000 - 2009
Cost € 15.000.000

The various designs proposed concern the road works necessary to improve access to the Milan motorway system by means of a new junction on the Western By-Pass Road, as well as the rationalization of the roads serving the entire commercial area.

The designed measures are located north-east of the municipal territory of Rozzano, and they have been divided into several functional lots in order to meet the various implementation deadlines.

The new road works concern:

1) Upgrading the former S.S.35 'Giovi' main national road close to the existing motorway junction;

2) The link road between the local area road network and the roads serving the commercial district, to be built in three lots;

3) The new motorway junction on the western Milan bypass.

Underpass on Curiel street

3 independent spans, 10.3 meters long for each span, 32.70 meters width, deck with prestressed concrete beams to pasted strands.

Bridge on junction slip road

Single span, 27.8 meters long, variable width (from 25.25 to 26.15 meters), deck with prestressed concrete beams to pasted strands.

Junction overpass on West Bypass

3 spans (27+43+27 meters), 13.50 meters width, deck in steel-concrete section.

Viabilità di raccordo
Varo travi prefabbricate
Sottopasso (Fase 2)

The design has been drawn up with the aim of achieving the following purposes:

a) optimization of the access arrangements to the commercial districts;

b) Limitation of left turns to favour the separation of traffic flows;

c) Integration of foot/cycle links;

d) Limitation of the supply of embankment material by reusing the considerable volumes of material from the shopping center under construction;

e) Separation of vehicle flows using multi-level intersections;

f) Limitation of the environmental impact on residential areas;

g) Limitation of the repercussions of the construction stages on the road network.