Roads & Motorways

A1 motorway: Mountain Pass bypass

Upgrading of the Apennine stretch between Sasso Marconi and Barberino
Owner/client C.M.B. Carpi - Lagaro S.C.A.R.L.
Type of service Detailed Design
Location Val di Sambro
Period 2005 - 2007
Cost € 114.000.000

PRO ITER Prog. Infrastr. Terr. (40%); Politecnica; Electrowatt Infra AG

The construction drawings concerned were part of the overall upgrading of the A1 Milan-Naples motorway. They regarded lot 5B, which is an integral part of the Apennine stretch upgrading between Sasso Marconi and Barberino del Mugello.

The lot considered starts inside the Val di Sambro tunnel and ends up near the south mouth of the Grizzana tunnel (lot 5A). It has a total length of about 2412 m. The motorway has two carriageways, each consisting of two traffic lanes and an emergency lane in each direction.

The main structures which make up the project are the Val di Sambro tunnel and the Lagaro viaduct (L=1200 m approx.).

Lagaro viaduct

2 separated decks, built to composite steel and concrete structure; 12 spans; total length 1161 m (North) and 1195 m (South).

Artificial tunnel

Artificial tunnel "Val di Sambro"

Natural tunnel

Natural tunnel "Val di Sambro": 2 separated pipes (North length: 864 m; South length: 868 m).

The open stretch winds along the right bank of the Torrent Setta, where solutions were found to the considerable stability problems in the area, characterized by landslides and various types of instability. Considerable consolidation work was carried out to make the infrastructure safe and shafts were dug to house the viaduct foundations.

Besides the main road branch, the project includes two service roads to connect the ordinary road network to 'campo Lagaro', and other accessory and complementary works (snow clearance vehicle bypass to create a link between the two motorway carriageways so that service and/or emergency vehicles may turn round, VS2 and VS5 service roads to allow traffic caused by the works to flow away, and protection of the banks of the Torrent Setta).

The main infrastructure works that make up the intervention are the Val di Sambro tunnel and the Lagaro viaduct (L=1200 m approx.).